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Welcome to Happy Dog Training “A happy balanced dog equals a happy home”

Dog barking driving you crazy?

Dog walking too stressful and not relaxing?

Anxious having people visit?

Let me help. 

10 different dogs of different breeds and sizes sitting and lying around a kennel

80 yr old walks strong pulling Staffy

Jill rescued gorgeous Mia for companionship. Unfortunately she was not able to handle her on walks as she was a strong puller and Jill stopped going for walks. This is the result after 1 session😊

50kg woman walks strong pulling 60kg Mastiff

Kira and Ruben adopted this beautiful boy “King” but unfortunately because of his size and pulling when walking was not able to control him. This is the result at the end of the first session 

Dog aggressive Staffy becomes submissive, playful dog

This video is of Neo who was an extremely dog aggressive Staffy whose owners were too scared to have him near any dogs including on walks. After just 2 sessions, Neo became a submissive, playful dog that was learning how to interact with other dogs and was having the time of his life. 

Crazy dog attacks owner

This was Millie before my 1st session with her. As you can see, she is quite stressed, crazy and anxious at the sight of another dog.

Check out my next video to see the transformation after 1 session 

Millies transformation

This is Millie after her 1st session with me. As you can see she is relaxed, calm and now able to interact with other dogs properly. Love seeing this

This is Charlie at the beginning of his 1st session

This is Charlie at the beginning of his 1st session. 

This is Charlie after 15 minutes into his 1st session

This is Charlie after 15 minutes into his 1st session

Most Important Puppy Lesson

Forget sit, stay or heel, teaching your puppy to not run out of an open door is the most important lesson that your puppy will learn. It can quite easily save their life. Only takes a few minutes but is definitely worth it

Scared of doggy door

If our dogs are scared of something, we need to firstly show them that it’s ok, be confident when we do it and then allow them to make the decision themselves. This process took 10 mins

The first lesson you should teach your dog

Forget sit, stay or fetch, teaching your dog to not run out of your premises is the first lesson you should teach your dog. Lolas owners could not open the front gate without her taking off onto a very busy road. This is the result after 1 session. You can even see her owners across the road as temptation. 

If you have a pool.... use it

One of the best forms of exercise for your dog is swimming. It’s amazing how many people with dogs tell me they don’t use it to exercise their dog because “their dog does’nt like it”. With the use of a long leash we can guide them in, show them that it’s ok, teach them to get used to it and wear them out all while we relax. Everyone wins😊


Having trouble keeping your dog  occupied while you are out? Frozen peanut butter and banana in a slow feeder. Works every time. Keep your dog challenged and busy while you are out. Helps reduce anxiety while you are out

Personal Training For Best Results

Owner of Happy Dog Training being licked on the face by Brown Labrador at park, ocean background

Personal One on One Training

Here at Happy Dog Training, I work with you and your dog on an individual basis and customise a program that works specifically for you and your dog. Group training is fine, but doesnt really address the issues where they happen. Quite often dogs will behave at a group lesson only to then go home and continue the same bad behaviour. Dog obedeience and training is a team effort. I will not only help you fix the problem, but I will also help you understand where that problem may have started from so that you know what to look for in the future. Every dog and their owner is unique, with individual needs and special requirements. I also address the issues where they happen. If that means at your house, on a walk, a dog park etc, that is where I will work with you...Dont wait any longer and give me a call to book your free consultation


Understanding your dog

The majority of my clients tell me a similar story. They usually tell me that they put their dog into a group puppy school, got a certificate at the end of the course and then over time their dog began showing signs of being "naughty" which slowy spiralled out of control to the point where there is a lot of frustration and anxiety within the home. Sound familiar??? Well its not your fault. You just havent been shown what to do (this is where I come in). Give me a call to book your free consultation


Our clients Top 10 behavioural issues

1- Unnecessary barking

2- Pulling on the leash when walking

3- Jumping up on visitors

4- Seperation anxiety

5- Excitement/aggresion towards other dogs

6- Chewing on furniture/objects

7- Over protection of owners

8- Not coming when called

9- Rough play and or biting

10- Fear (noise,objects, people etc)

If you can relate to any of these, dont wait any longer and give me a call to book your free consultation


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I love dogs so much and want everyone to enjoy their own dogs the same way. Unfortunately due to behavioural problems this is not always the case. Don’t wait any longer. Book me in for your free consultation 

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